F18 Worlds Venue
Map showing Erquy and Caroual location

The Formula 18 World Championship is to be held at Erquy, France.

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Erquy's cap

Erquy is a small, 3702 inhabitants, harbor on the north coast of Brittany but nevertheless the capital of scallop fishing. We are also well known for Erquy's cap, not far from Frehel's cap, which is covered with moor and offers a beautiful view on the whole Saint-Brieuc's Bay. It's a protected and preserved environment. On the cap, you will find some abandoned old 19th century quarries from where the famous Côte de Penthièvre pink sandstone was extracted and exported with sailing vessels such as the St Jeanne. There are several other sea related historical places such as the “Four à Boulets” (cannonball furnace erected in 1794, part of Louis XVI's coastal defense system), the old emergency boat house (1935), St Michel small island with its chapel and the Bienassis castle (XV and XVII century). The lighthouse of the internal harbor have been built in 1900. In 2010, the new fishing harbor (external one) will be finished (update your nautical chart!) and our SNSM station will get a new emergency boat. Aside from this, we have 10 beaches offering enough space for our 30000 summertime visiting peoples.

Map of F18's village at Caroual beach, Erquy. Text description follows.

View of the Houssaye and Caroual from Erquy's cap

The Championship will take place on Caroual's beach, the biggest one. A village will be set up for the event on the main parking. Catamarans will be parked on the top of the beach, just in front the event village. Showers and public bathroom are available at the first aid station. There is an area behind the regatta village is only for camping-cars. Tents, cars and trailers are forbidden. There is a parking tax of 4€ per 24 hours. Electricity and water is available for 2€. You will find a list of the others camping and hotels on the Tourist Office website.

Courses will be on front of the beach using classical windward/leeward marks. We will run 2 races in parallel so the whole fleet will race simultaneously. We expect 180 catamarans, 360 sailors for a maximum of 15 courses during the week. One day may be dedicated to a long distance race.

If your are unable to follow the races on sea, you may watch them from Caroual, top of Corniche street or from the old quarries on Erquy's cap. You may also follow the event from the Internet. We will offer full on-line coverage including live geo-tracking of all catamarans.

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