F18 Worlds Geo-tracking
Geotracking schema showing 2 boats tracks, GPS receivers and cell phone tower.

Live tracking is available at : TracTrac website

Tracking requiers Java enabled browser, if the tracking is not working refer to the above URL.

We track the 16 best teams of gold fleet.

If not on seas, you will be able to follow all F18 Worlds races on-line from this web page. All boats and buoys will be equipped with a GPS unit. Moreover, we have photo and video coverage and a summary will be published on-line each evening.

How does it work? All catamarans will be equipped with a waterproof tracking unit. This unit will get the position using the GPS system. Then, it will report this position to a server using regular terrestrial cell phone network (GPRS data packets). The final result is finally sent to the on-line tracking application on our website.

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