Costarmoricaine : Erquy - Bréhat
Carte du Port-Clos

Date: On Wednesday
Distance: 28nm (52km)

For this first leg, the Formula 18 catamarans start in front of Erquy's harbor and finish at the Men Joliguet tower at Bréhat island, on the other side of Saint Brieuc bay. The distance between those two points is only about 20nm, but the catamarans, to comply with their navigation zone must stay close to the coast.


#Symb.DescriptionLeft on...dprev(nm)dtot(nm)Coordinatesdtot(km)Estimated time
1Start line
in front of Erquy's harbor.
0.00.048° 38.015' N 2° 29.037' W(GP)0.0
North mark tower
Port1.71.748° 38.517' N 2° 31.467' W(GP)3.111:00 - 11:50
West mark tower
Starboard4.25.948° 38.800' N 2° 37.767' W(GP)10.911:20 - 12:40
4Basse Sud Caffa
East buoy
Starboard3.69.548° 37.833' N 2° 43.067' W(GP)17.611:40 - 13:20
5La Roselière
South buoy
Gate with an organization boat.
Starboard2.111.748° 37.300' N 2° 46.183' W(GP)21.611:50 - 13:40
Starboard2.113.848° 39.067' N 2° 47.950' W(GP)25.512:00 - 14:10
7Île Harbour
Starboard1.014.848° 40.000' N 2° 48.500' W(GP)27.412:10 - 14:20
8Les Calemarguiers
East buoy
Gate with an organization boat.
Port8.222.948° 46.983' N 2° 54.850' W(GP)42.512:50 - 16:00
9Les Charpentiers
East mark tower
Port1.224.148° 47.883' N 2° 56.017' W(GP)44.713:00 - 16:10
10La Cormorandière
Port0.424.548° 48.200' N 2° 56.450' W(GP)45.513:00 - 16:20
11Men Gam
East mark tower
Port2.026.648° 49.550' N 2° 58.750' W(GP)49.213:10 - 16:40
North buoy
Port0.326.948° 49.800' N 2° 59.067' W(GP)49.813:10 - 16:50
13Finish line
West mark tower
Finish line between the Men Joliguet tower and a boat displaying an orange flag.
0.827.748° 50.117' N 3° 0.200' W(GP)51.313:10 - 17:00

Warning:Provided geographical coordinates may contain errors, we disclaim any liability in this case. Furthermore, there are obstacles to navigation between some consecutive marks so you must prepare your navigation by carefully referring to a marine navigation chart.

Step city: Bréhat Island

Place principale de l'Île de Bréhat

Number of inhabitants: 406
Position: 48°50'N 2°59'W
Length: 3,5km
Area: 318ha

The island of Bréhat, also called the island of flowers, is actually two large islands, connected by an isthmus, surrounded by many small islands. From the maritime point of view, you will find many things: the complete set of all possible navigation marks, lighthouses, a semaphore, a tide mill,... The Bréhat vessel company make it possible to come there from the point of Arcouest.

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