Costarmoricaine : Perros-Guirec - St Quay
La pointe du sémaphore de Saint Quay

Date: On Friday
Distance: 30nm

For this third day, the catamarans of Costarmoricaine return eastward for the longest leg of this long distance. It even happened in the past that it ends at nightfall due to lack of wind. There is also often an intermediate arrival at the Veille de Loguivy, to regroup the fleet. Although this is partly the track of the day before in the opposite direction, this course is usually carried downwind and you will have the opportunity to go relatively offshore while sailing to the Héaux-de-Bréhat. The regatta finishes at the foot of the cliffs of Plouha which are the highest of Brittany.


#Symb.DescriptionLeft on...dprev(nm)dtot(nm)Coordinatesdtot(km)Estimated time
1Start line
In front Trestraou beach.
0.00.048° 49.964' N 3° 27.814' W(GP)0.0
2La Fronde
Starboard side buoy
Starboard1.21.248° 49.867' N 3° 25.983' W(GP)2.211:00 - 11:40
3Pierre du Chenal
Hazard tower
Port1.02.348° 49.283' N 3° 24.683' W(GP)4.211:10 - 11:50
4La Roche Guazer
Port side buoy
Starboard3.45.648° 51.600' N 3° 20.967' W(GP)10.411:20 - 12:30
5Basse Crublent
Port side buoy
Starboard7.012.648° 54.267' N 3° 11.150' W(GP)23.412:00 - 14:00
6La Jument des Héaux
North buoy
Starboard2.315.048° 55.333' N 3° 8.033' W(GP)27.712:10 - 14:20
7Les Héaux de Bréhat
Starboard2.117.048° 54.500' N 3° 5.183' W(GP)31.512:20 - 14:50
8La Moisie
East mark tower
Starboard2.119.148° 53.833' N 3° 2.217' W(GP)35.312:30 - 15:10
9La Vieille du Tréou
Starboard side tower
Starboard2.021.148° 52.000' N 3° 1.083' W(GP)39.012:40 - 15:40
10La Vieille de Loguivy
West mark tower
Gate with an organization boat.
Port3.024.148° 49.617' N 3° 3.850' W(GP)44.613:00 - 16:10
North buoy
Starboard3.227.248° 49.800' N 2° 59.067' W(GP)50.413:10 - 16:50
12Men Gam
East mark tower
Starboard0.327.648° 49.550' N 2° 58.750' W(GP)51.013:10 - 17:00
13La Cormorandière
Starboard2.029.648° 48.200' N 2° 56.450' W(GP)54.813:20 - 17:20
14Les Charpentiers
East mark tower
Starboard0.430.048° 47.883' N 2° 56.017' W(GP)55.613:30 - 17:30
15Les Calemarguiers
East buoy
Starboard1.231.248° 46.983' N 2° 54.850' W(GP)57.813:30 - 17:40
16Basse St Brieuc
East buoy
Starboard1.032.348° 46.250' N 2° 53.717' W(GP)59.713:40 - 17:50
17Le Taureau
Hazard tower
Gate with an organization boat.
Port2.935.148° 43.550' N 2° 55.250' W(GP)65.113:50 - 18:30
18Île Harbour
Port5.740.848° 40.000' N 2° 48.500' W(GP)75.714:20 - 19:40
19Finish line
East mark tower
In front of Countess' beach, between East tower Les Moulières de Portrieux and a boat showing an orange flag.
0.941.748° 39.250' N 2° 49.215' W(GP)77.314:20 - 19:50

Warning:Provided geographical coordinates may contain errors, we disclaim any liability in this case. Furthermore, there are obstacles to navigation between some consecutive marks so you must prepare your navigation by carefully referring to a marine navigation chart.

Le Port de Saint Quay

The step city: Saint-Quay-Portrieux

Located in front of Harbor Island, and its small lighthouse, the town of Saint-Quay-Portrieux is known for its marina in deep waters. We will stop next door, on the beach of the Countess, and enjoy the facilities of the port. This port regularly hosts match-racing competitions.

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