Club de Voile de la Baie d'Erquy
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Costarmoricaine 2024
Formula 18 & Viper
July 17th-21st

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Welcome to Erquy's sailing association "Club de Voile de la Baie d'Erquy". We are located in Erquy (Brittany, France). Our annual main event is the Costarmoricaine, a long distance race for Formula 18.

Costarmoricaine 2024
July 17 - 21

Latest news

Départ de l'étape Erquy-Erquy de la Costarmoricaine 2003
Costarmoricaine 2023: Chevrier/Cosse win at St Quay 11/08/2023 17:44:22
Yesterday, Thursday August 10th, the second leg of the &quote;La Costarmoricaine&quote; raid, World Raid Championship in Formula 18 catamarans, have been sailed between Bréhat island and... Voir la suite...
Catamaran sur la Costa
Costarmorcaine: first day 10/08/2023 18:51:00
The costarmorcaine 2023, Formula 18 Raid Worlds, started yesterday, Wednesday August 9th, by a first leg from Erquy to Bréhat island. Unfortunately, the event started by towing the catamarans... Voir la suite...

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