Costarmoricaine : Toward the East of Erquy
Pointe de la Houssaye, Erquy

Date: Sunday, August 2nd
Travel Distance: 26 miles (48km)

For this last leg of the long distance, the competitors will sail around the Cap Fréhel to go to Saint Cast and return to Erquy. This leg is the shorter because this is the last day, but is important: more than once the title has changed hands for a few minutes lost or a mistake on this last round. You will have the opportunity to admire the two capes: Erquy and Fréhel. You will be able to see the Saint Michel chapel on its islet, which reminds its big brother Mont Saint-Michel. Finally, under the mark "The Laplace" lies the wreck of the frigate of the same name having sunk on September 16, 1950.


Warning:Provided geographical coordinates may contain errors, we disclaim any liability in this case. Furthermore, there are obstacles to navigation between some consecutive marks so you must prepare your navigation by carefully referring to a marine navigation chart.

There are two possible routes for this leg, the choice is made to the mark "Le Laplace" according to the conditions of navigation.

#Symb.DescriptionLeft on...dprev(nm)dtot(nm)Coordinatesdtot(km)Estimated time
1Start line
in front of Erquy's harbor.
0.00.048° 38.015' N 2° 29.037' W(GP)0.0
2Les Trois Pierres
Port side buoy
Starboard0.40.448° 38.367' N 2° 29.367' W(GP)0.811:00 - 11:30
3Basse du Courant
South buoy
Port0.91.348° 39.233' N 2° 29.150' W(GP)2.411:00 - 11:40
4Les Justières
South buoy
Port2.23.548° 40.594' N 2° 26.493' W(GP)6.511:10 - 12:10
5Pointe du Cap Fréhel
Starboard5.08.548° 41.317' N 2° 19.083' W(GP)15.711:40 - 13:10
6Le Laplace
Hazard buoy
Gate with an organization boat. If the boat shows a Charlie flag, apply this alternative, otherwise alternative A applies.
Port2.410.948° 39.714' N 2° 16.450' W(GP)20.111:50 - 13:40
7Les Bourdinots
East buoy
Gate with an organization boat.
Port2.112.948° 39.017' N 2° 13.483' W(GP)24.012:00 - 14:00
8Le Laplace
Hazard buoy
Port2.115.048° 39.714' N 2° 16.450' W(GP)27.812:10 - 14:30
9Pointe du Cap Fréhel
Port2.417.448° 41.317' N 2° 19.083' W(GP)32.212:20 - 14:50
10Les Justières
South buoy
Starboard5.022.448° 40.594' N 2° 26.493' W(GP)41.412:50 - 15:50
11Basse du Courant
South buoy
Starboard2.224.648° 39.233' N 2° 29.150' W(GP)45.513:00 - 16:20
12Les Trois Pierres
Port side buoy
Port0.925.548° 38.367' N 2° 29.367' W(GP)47.213:00 - 16:30
13Finish line
In front of the beach, in Erquy harbor, between a boat showing an orange flag and an inflatable yellow buoy.
0.726.248° 37.988' N 2° 28.417' W(GP)48.513:10 - 16:40
Cap Frehel, les phares

Cape Frehel

Position: 48° 37'N 2° 21'W

Cape Frehel is composed of cliffs at the top of which grows, as at Erquy, the moor. The current lighthouse of Cap Fréhel was inaugurated on July 1st, 1950. It is 30m high, so that it rises to 103m above sea level. Behind Cap Fréhel, is the castle of Fort the Latte, built in the 14th century. In 1954, it have been featured in the movie "The Vikings".

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