Costarmorcaine: first day

10/08/2023 18:51:00

Catamaran sur la Costa

The costarmorcaine 2023, Formula 18 Raid Worlds, started yesterday, Wednesday August 9th, by a first leg from Erquy to Bréhat island. Unfortunately, the event started by towing the catamarans (Formula 18 and Viper) for the first 2 marks due to the very light wind. But then the boats started to navigate by themselves and it was decided to launch the race near the Rohein lighthouse in the middle of St Brieuc's bay. They went downwind by 8kn of wind in a compact fleet for the first part. Then starting from Saint Quay, we got some mist to finish the day until Bréhat Island.

At the finish line, the Australian team, AUS3 Brett Burvill/Max Puttman win. Followed only a single second later by FRA5 Victorien Erussard/Frédéric Moreau who managed to win their second place only a few meters before the arrival line, so FRA 7 Emeric Dary/David Fanouillère are third.

Brett Burvill-Max PuttmanBrett Burvill-Max Puttman

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